Sunday, October 05, 2008

East Renfrewshire MiniTrials 2008

The East Renfrewshire MiniTrials 2008 took place on Saturday 25 October 2008 in Paisley Sheriff Court. In addition to a criminal trial, the pupils re-enacted the world famous case of "The Paisley Snail" in four different civil jury trials. And the verdicts?
Two of the four juries found for the defender.
Two of the juries found for the pursuer.
One jury awarded £625 - with past solatium of £375.
The other jury awarded £7,250 comprising:-
(1) past solatium £5,000;
(2) future solatium £2,000;
(3) wage loss £ 200 (agreed);
(4) misc. expenses £ 50 (agreed).

See also The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland Online