Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Forth Valley MiniTrials 2017

Many congratulations to all those involved in the Forth Valley MiniTrials 2017 which took place in:
  • Falkirk
  • Alloa, and 
  • Stirling.
The events took place over 3 days on 22 September and 1 and 3 November 2017.  The feedback has been very positive and complementary.  The sheriffs presiding were Sheriff David Mackie in Alloa and Stirling, and Sheriff Mundy in Falkirk.  The eight schools involved were:

  • Denny High School,
  • Larbert High School,
  • St Mungo’s High School,
  • Alloa Academy,
  • Lornshill Academy,
  • St Modans High School,
  • Balfron High School, and
  • McLaren High School. 
Many thanks to all of the pupils and teachers involved - and for the support provided to them locally by:
  • Sheriff Clerks,
  • The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service,
  • Bar Associations,
  • Police Scotland,
  • G4S,
  • Social Work Departments,
  • The Witness Service, and
  • The media – Falkirk Herald, Alloa Advertiser and Stirling Observer.
 The sentencing exercises were based on materials from the Scottish Sentencing Council.  

All the events were organised by John MacFarlane, Crown Office.  

Materials from MiniTrial.

The Forth Valley MiniTrials 2017 starter pack is HERE

The Forth Valley Sentencing materials are HERE

Well done everyone.